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Chris Rock Wears Robert Marc Eyeglasses To Oscars

Mar 2, 2016 | Uncategorized | 0 comments


Funny man Chris Rock wears Robert Marc eyeglasses to Oscars.  Mr. Rock was asked to host a pretty big event and he nailed it.  With all the political and racial over-tones at the Oscars this year, Chris Rock was able to make everyone laugh without completely ignoring the giant elephants in the room.  More importantly, Chris Rock wore a great pair of eyeglasses.  Chris Rock chose to wear the ever-classy Robert Marc eyeglasses.  He has been seen sporting them before but it’s every eyeglass frame’s dream to be chosen as eye candy for the big event.  Funny and style conscience go a long way in Hollywood and Chris Rock proved it.  Check our Blink Optical’s selection of Robert Marc eyeglasses and get your own Oscar worthy pair.

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