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Kate Winslet Causes Stir With Poor Vision At The Oscars

Feb 29, 2016 | Uncategorized | 0 comments


Apparently, Kate Winslet caused a stir with her less than 20/20 vision at the Oscars.  I don’t watch award shows…and this is why.  Kate Winslet has an amazing career and was chosen to present an award at the Oscars and all anyone wants to discuss is her eyewear.  Kate Winslet’s eyeglasses are awesome! Yes, they were slightly crooked but let’s chalk that up to pre-Oscar party revelry.  Guess what?  Kate Winslet is slightly myopic and has chosen to wear eyeglasses to correct her vision and has done so damn stylishly.  I’ve actually read online that people have praised her as being ‘brave’ to wear eyeglasses with her formal gown at such an elite awards show.  This is ridiculous and goes back to why I don’t watch award shows.  I do LOVE trolling around the world wide web the day after to check out the eyewear fashion.  Kate Winslet is not ‘brave’.  Kate Winslet is near-sided and stylish and practical.  If you too are myopic (and brave), stop by Blink Optical to find your own Oscar-worthy eyeglasses.

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