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Bruno Mars Super Bowl Half-Time Sunglasses

Feb 8, 2016 | Uncategorized | 0 comments


Everyone is talking about who stole the Super Bowl 50 show and we have to say it was Bruno Mars half-time sunglasses. Some watch for the football, others watch for the commercials, while most watch the Super Bowl half-time show.  Here at Blink Optical, we watch for the Super Bowl half-time sunglasses.  Beyonce and Coldplay went sans sun specs so we give the award to Bruno Mars.  The big mystery is what sunglasses did Bruno Mars wear to the Super Bowl half-time show? The jury is still out as these are probably designer vintage.  For the sake of conformity, we’ll refer to them as the Super Bowl half-time sunglasses.  Any way you view it, Bruno Mars brought the funk!  Besides having tons of talent and amazing dance moves, Mr. Mars reminded us that gold is back in a big way (not just in chunky chains).  Gold is back in eyewear and sunwear this season in a big way.  Designers like Mykita, ic! Berlin, and Robert Marc all feature gold sunwear in their collections.  Stop by Blink Optical to hypothesize about Bruno Mars’ vintage sunglass selection or pick out a new pair for yourself.

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