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Wolverine Star Hugh Jackman Wears Salt. Optics

Jan 25, 2016 | Uncategorized | 0 comments


Wolverine star Hugh Jackman wears Salt. Optics.  Not the best picture of this A-lister to date but you have to admire his courage.  The important thing is that Hugh Jackman is obviously into sun protection.  If the wide-brimmed hat did not tip you, check out the Salt. Optics sunglasses.  Hugh Jackman chose the Salt. Optics Scout.  This versatile frame comes in two stylish colors and offers interesting lens features.  The one worn by Mr. Jackman has a black frame and shield with photo polarized lenses giving ultimate glare protection while adjusting tint intensity as needed.  Specialty lens options like photo polarized are offered by Salt. Optics but can also be customized by Blink Optical.  Stop by or call for details.

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