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Steve Jobs Not The Only One Wearing Lunor Eyeglasses

Jan 13, 2016 | Uncategorized | 0 comments


Steve Jobs not the only ones wearing Lunor eyeglasses.  Before his premature passing, Steve Jobs was a huge fan of Lunor eyeglasses, specifically the Lunor Classic Round (Rund).  Aaron Sorkin, coincidentally the screenplay writer for the movie Steve Jobs, is also a fan and accepted the Golden Globe for best screenplay for the fore-mentioned movie.  The A5 215 Lunor eyeglasses are a small P3 shaped acetate frame.  It is understated but endearingly retro with it’s key-hole bridge.  The Lunor A5 215 frame comes in a variety of colors in both polished and matte finishes.  Aaron Sorkin brought home an award that not many of us has a chance at but you can still steal this look with you own pair of A5 215 Lunor eyeglasses.  Stop by or call Blink Optical, an authorized Lunor dealer, for details.

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