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Justin Timberlake Wears Cartier Eyeglasses

Dec 8, 2015 | Uncategorized | 0 comments


Justin Timberlake wears Cartier eyeglasses.  This really shouldn’t surprise anyone as Mr. Timberlake is known as a bit of a fashion mogul.  First he’s a boy-band phenomenon, then he becomes a movie star, then he becomes a regular on Saturday Night Live.  What can’t he do?  Well, he looks positively dapper in his classic black Cartier eyeglasses.  Cartier eyeglasses are the epitome of dressy, fashionable eyewear.  Only a handful of optical boutiques are authorized Cartier dealers.  Blink Optical is the only optical boutique on the Northshore to stock authentic Cartier eyeglasses.  Stop by to view our new Winter Cartier eyeglasses collection.  We offer the classic black plastic Cartier frames and the exclusive semi-precious stone collection and everything in between.

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