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Mark Zuckerberg Wears Ray-Ban Wayfarer

Dec 4, 2015 | Uncategorized | 0 comments


Mark Zuckerberg wears Ray-Ban Wayfarer.  After announcing that he and his wife would donate a majority of their huge Facebook fortune to the advancement of our collective society, we are left to remember that Mark Zuckerberg has always been a bit unusual with his money and fashion.  As one of the wealthiest people in the US, you’d think that such a young guy would be a bit more obsessed with stepping out is style.  But………..Mark Zuckerberg wears Ray-Ban Wayfarer!  He wears the same style grey shirt and jeans everyday, unless it’s chilly.  If it’s chilly he also wears a grey hoodie.  Many people with a vast fortune opt for flashier threads including more stylish sunglasses.  Not Mark.  He is truly the definition of understatement.  In this regard, the Ray-Ban Wayfarer is a perfect choice for this mogul.  We can’t guarantee that you will create a social media platform used by billions by copying Mark’s style.  We can offer you easy access to the same sunglass style.  Check out Blink Optical’s online Ray-Ban Wayfarer selection.

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