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Prince Sunglasses At American Music Awards

Nov 23, 2015 | Uncategorized | 0 comments


Prince sunglasses at the American Music Awards made quite the splash.  Prince has been a style maven since the 1980’s when her rocked the purple velour suit.  The only man who could properly wear a pirate shirt and not actually be a pirate.  This year at the American Music Awards, we received another piece of forward fashion from this tiny rock god….Prince sunglasses.  The Prince sunglasses worn at the awards ceremony were round and fabulous, and oh yeah, they had three lenses.  What’s the third lens for, you may ask?  Why, these Prince sunglasses have a third lens to provide protection for his third eye, of course.  As if the afro, the gold suit, and the cheetah print guitar strap are not enough, he’s wearing sunglasses like we have never seen before.  Prince forges style where no one had thought to go and surprised even the most salted optician last night.  Now, don’t rush out for your pair of third-eye sunglasses, trust me….these were custom.  However, as with many trends this will take a while to reverberate but we will see more Prince sunglasses in the future.  Follow Blink Optical on Facebook to view cutting-edge eyewear and sunwear trends.

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