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Shia Labeouf And The Butterscotch Eyeglasses

Nov 12, 2015 | Uncategorized | 0 comments


Shia Lebeouf and the butterscotch eyeglasses.  Well, two things are now official…..Shia Lebeouf cannot destroy his acting career no matter how badly he behaves and butterscotch eyeglasses are all the rage.  Mr. Lebeouf is known for his wild antics and somewhat odd behavior.  He also known for still landing plum acting jobs.  In his latest conquest, he stars in the psychological thriller The Company You Keep.  In this film he wears a stylish butterscotch frame designed by Persol.  Persol is not the only designer getting cozy with butterscotch, lines such as Lunor and Alain Mikli have also dabbled in the land of the butterscotch frame.  The butterscotch frame is very wearable but often over-looked as many are afraid of a yellow toned frame.  Fret not, butterscotch eyeglasses can be worn by many and you won’t know until you try.  As for Shia Lebeouf, his talent must outweigh his troubling behavior.  Here at Blink, we can attest to his eyewear style as he’s one of the first to don butterscotch eyeglasses on the big screen.

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