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Super Retro With The Robert Marc 853

Nov 10, 2015 | Uncategorized | 0 comments

rm.853 (1 of 1)

We’ve gone super retro with the Robert Marc 853.  No, you’re not seeing double.  We like the Robert Marc 853 so much we just had to include two in the photo.  The Robert Marc 853 is the epitome of retro-chic.  The classic P3 lens shape, matte finish zyl, and coupled with a keyhole or, also known as, a Ben Franklin bridge.  What makes this frame unique is the titanium bridge.  It gives the Robert Marc 853 frame a more refined look.  This frame includes the signature temple hinge design which not only supports the strength of the hinge but makes it recognizable as Robert Marc eyewear without any gaudy symbols or temple name.  Robert Marc is exclusive with only a few authorized dealers in Illinois.  Blink Optical has carried Robert Marc since inception and always has a vast and up to date selection.  Blink currently has the Robert Marc 853 in stock in both colors featured above.  Stop by our Lake Forest showroom to view the Robert Marc 853 and the rest of our Robert Marc Fall/Winter selection.

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