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What Is That Wednesday With Alain Mikli & Jean-Paul Gaultier

Oct 28, 2015 | Uncategorized | 0 comments


What is that Wednesday with Alain Mikli and Jean-Paul Gaultier.  Wow!  What is that, really?  This is what happens when put one of the world’s premiere clothing designers in the same room with Alain Mikli (and probably several bottles of wine).  The answer is:  Gaultier/Mikli collaboration called Mohawk Hairstyle sunglasses.  Are these real?  Yes.  Are they a realistic solution for everyday sunwear?  No.  Unfortunately, you are not Jean-Paul Gaultier so this extreme look my be a bit off course.  No worries, you can still have the Alain Mikli sunwear style.  Alain Mikli designs sunglasses similar to his ophthalmic line with flawless construction and individual colors.  A majority of Alain Mikli sunglasses are extremely wearable, there is something for everyone.  We don’t stock the Jean-Paul Gaultier Mohawk Hairstyle sunglasses but we can offer any current Alain Mikli sunglasses you feel will match your individual style.  Stop by our Lake Forest Illinois boutique or shop online any time.

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