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Steve Bartman Eyeglasses

Oct 21, 2015 | Uncategorized | 0 comments


For those of you outside of Illinois, the state has caught Cubs fever.  We are 3 games down in a 7 game series against the Mets.  Things aren’t looking so good.  Enter….the legendary “Goat” of Cubs folklore and who better to represent the “Goat” but Chicago’s own Steve Bartman.  Steve Bartman will go down in history as the man who destroyed the Cubs chances to win back in 2003 (insert eyeroll).  Only a ball club on a really lousy, long losing streak needs to personify the boogie man into one of their own fans.  We all know that Steve Bartman is not the fabled “Goat” and we also know there are many reasons why the Cubs lost.  What we have realized here at Blink Optical is that Steve may not be a horned animal, he has terrible taste in eyewear.  To think such instant fame be over-shadowed by boring, uninspired eyeglass frames.  Unfortunately, we cannot help Steve Bartman with his eyewear woes as we don’t want any part of his “Goat” bad luck but do suggest that if you’re going to be public enemy #1 in the great city of Chicago, get better eyeglasses.  GO CUBBIES!!!

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