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Drake Wears Vintage Cartier Eyeglasses

Oct 2, 2015 | Uncategorized | 0 comments


Drake wears vintage Cartier eyeglasses.  To a basketball game, no less.  Vintage Cartier eyeglasses are very hot right now.  Blink Optical knows this because we are an authorized Cartier dealer and get calls all the time.  What we’ve figured out is that celebrities LOVE vintage Cartier eyeglasses and the adoring public LOVES whatever celebrities wear.  In the featured image, music artist Drake is shown wearing vintage Cartier eyeglasses.  He also looks very unhappy about a call, perhaps he is a Toronto fan.  Some may say that Drake jumped the shark on this fashion exhibit.  It does have the “I’m wearing someone else’s eyeglasses for a lark” feel to it.  These are some serious vintage Cartier eyeglases!  Kudos to Drake for stepping out in these optical throwbacks.  Me thinks that if these were not donning the famous Cartier logo this famous face would not be donning these frames.  We love Vintage Cartier eyeglasses but remember, Blink Optical is an authorized dealer of current Cartier eyewear.  Good luck finding the vintage!

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