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Lunor XXV Model 2501 | Lunor Folding Frame

Sep 28, 2015 | Uncategorized | 0 comments


The Lunor XXV model 2501 is a Lunor folding frame.  What would make a hand-made, classically designed eyeglass frame better?  Why, making them foldable of course!  The Lunor XXV model 2501 is a minimally styled metal frame that can be folded down to half it’s size and stowed in a specifically designed eyewear case.  Some my ask why this is an interesting attribute.  Those that ask are not Lunor aficionados.  The basic point of the folding Lunor frame is that it folds because it can, similar to why Lunor created the coveted wood eyeglass case…..because they can.  Individuals that purchase Lunor, the Lunor XXV model 2501 in particular, do so because they crave the simple design and excellent craftsmanship offered by Lunor.  The fact that the Lunor XXV model 2501 can fold is proverbial icing on this eyewear cake.  The Lunor XXV model 2501 is available at Blink Optical.  Blink Optical is one of the few authorized Lunor dealers in the Midwest.  Blink stocks many current Lunor frames and is happy to special order hard-to-find Lunor frames for their discerning clients. Contact us at 847-234-6541 for details.

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