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Adam Samberg Hosts The 2105 Emmys & Wears Persol Sunglasses 649

Sep 23, 2015 | Uncategorized | 0 comments


Adam Samberg hosts the 2015 Emmys and wears Persol sunglasses 649.  What a guy!  This funny man comes from a long line of Saturday Night Live alumni that have hit it big on both the big screen and on television.  Adam Samberg has enjoyed success in both venues.  He also enjoys good taste in sunwear.  Photographed often in his signature geek-chic eyewear, this is the first time we’ve seen Mr. Samberg in Persol sunglasses 649.  The Persol sunglasses 649 is also known as the Steve Mcqueen sunglasses.  No one would suggest that Steve McQueen is geeky so that must mean Samberg is uping his game from geek-chic to Hollywood rebel (uhmm….no).  Adam Samberg wasn’t chosen to MC the 2015 Emmys because he’s cool, they picked him because he’s funny, really funny.  This funny man still can pull off these shades without a chuckle.  The Persol sunglasses 649 are casual or suit-ready, beach or major award show appropriate.  Check out the Persol sunglasses 649 at Blink Optical both online or in our Lake Forest Illinois boutique.

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