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Titanium & Rimless: The Cartier T8101094

Sep 21, 2015 | Uncategorized | 0 comments


Titanium and rimless, introducing the Cartier T8101094.  The Cartier T8101094 is a new release, authentic rimless Cartier.  It has a sleek, clean design with the classic Cartier style.  The Cartier T8101094 is made of titanium with a polished finish on the inside of the frame and a brushed finish on the outside.  The shape is unisex and is extremely easy to wear.  Being a rimless frame, the size of the Cartier T8101094 can be modified by adjusting the lens size, making a more custom fit.  Nobody does luxury eyewear like Cartier and the Cartier T8101094 is no exception.  Functional enough for everyday yet minimal enough for evening wear, this luxury frame is versatile.  Stop by Blink Optical, an authorized Cartier dealer, to view the Cartier T8101094 or call us at 847-234-6541 for more details.

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