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Man Bun Monday With Tortoise Eyewear

Sep 14, 2015 | Uncategorized | 0 comments


It’s Man Bun Monday…..with tortoise eyewear.  Yes, the man bun has become a thing.  Apparently, we needed to collectively jazz things up on the first day of the work week and a interesting hair solution fit the bill.  But alas, Man Bun Monday has run it course so Blink Optical had to step in and breathe new life into this weekly trend.  Just add some tortoise eyewear!  Nothing compliments a man bun like a pair of intellectual-looking spectacles.  There……Blink has saved another floundering fashion trend with the addition of retro eyeglasses.  Designers like Robert Marc, Lunor, and Face a Face manufacture eyewear with this Tokyo tortoise color tone for both men and women.  Shop Blink Optical in our Lake Forest boutique or online for multiple tortoise eyewear options.  We can help with the frames but growing and perfecting the man bun is up to you.  Luckily, Man Bun Monday has caught on mainstream so there should be plenty of time to grow your own.

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