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Katy Perry Wears Mega Sunglasses At Burning Man 2015

Sep 8, 2015 | Uncategorized | 0 comments


Katy Perry wears mega sunglasses at Burning Man 2015.  Where do we begin?  Ok, lets start with Katy Perry’s sunglass selection for her maiden voyage at Burning Man 2015.  The only way to describe them is as ‘mega sunglasses”, they’re something straight out of post-apocalyptic mythology.  Blink Optical is furiously attempting to find a distributor as these are the next big thing!  Next, we all know that a festival is officially played out once you start seeing celebrities attending and the fest is officially dead when you see A-listers.  When you see A-list celebrities attempting an failing to ride a segway you can assume that the fest will be cancelled soon.  Oh well, fests are hot so I’m sure Katy Perry can ride her segway out of Burning Man 2015 and right into some other shenanigans.  Celebrities wearing sunglasses is not just happening at Burning Man 2015, they wear them everywhere with varying degrees of success.  Katy Perry wins the Burning Man 2015 sunglass style alert but made the festival officially awful with the segway antics.  Check out Blink Optical for all your festival sunwear needs.

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