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Miley Cyrus Wore Bad Sunglasses To 2015 VMA’s

Aug 31, 2015 | Uncategorized | 0 comments


Miley Cyrus wore bad sunglasses to the 2015 VMA’s.  To be fair, I didn’t watch the VMA’s and cannot identity 98% of the people showcased.  Apparently, Miley Cyrus hosted the VMA’s and by hosted we mean she wore several “edgy” outfits stuck her tongue out a lot. Don’t worry kids, by the time you are considered old you’ve cultivated your own taste in music and will not be dependent on fashion force-feedings.  Miley Cyrus had just one way to redeem herself at the 2015 VMA’s and that was to wear decent sunglasses.  Instead, she chose to showcase Dollar Tree gag glasses.  There are many mishaps we tolerate here at Blink Optical regarding the famous, but skipping a chance to where appropriate eyewear is unforgivable.  Alain Mikli, Face a Face, Chrome Hearts…..the list goes on and on.  Next time, we suggest the host of the VMA’s make a quick stop at Blink Optical for some sunwear advise prior to hosting.  If it’s after-hours, Blink Optical is available by appointment, Miley.

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