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Harry Styles Wears Ray-Ban Clubmaster

Aug 28, 2015 | Uncategorized | 0 comments


Harry Styles wears Ray-Ban Clubmaster sunglasses.  Who cares?  Probably the entire promotional department for Ray-Ban, us at Blink Optical, and maybe Taylor Swift.  It’s always a benefit when celebrities wear eyewear and sunwear that we carry in our Lake Forest boutique and our online shop.  Today we discovered that Harry Styles is a Ray-Ban fan and wears several styles including the Ray-Ban Clubmaster.  We don’t claim to know any song titles by this boy band (or any other band member names) but we crawled out from under our rock today to learn that One Direction is taking a break as a band.  We’re not sure what that means but it probably precludes Harry Styles becoming more famous.  On that note, stop by Blink Optical for all your Ray-Ban needs, including the coveted Ray-Ban Clubmaster.  If Harry Styles is not too busy on his band sabbatical perhaps we will glimpse more Harry Styles Ray-Ban blogs in the future.

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