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Jennifer Garner Wears More Stylish Sunglasses Than Her Nanny

Aug 12, 2015 | Uncategorized | 0 comments


Jennifer Garner wears more stylish sunglasses than her nanny.  Well…..it’s happened again.  Another aging Hollywood bad-boy was caught with the nanny.  It’s sad really.  Luckily, Blink Optical can look past all the embarrassment and family turmoil to find the silver-lining.  Jennifer Garner always wears stylish sunglasses and my guess is she wears more stylish pairs of sunglasses than the nanny.  From Cartier to Chanel, Garner wears it all.  In fact, she can color coordinate her Cartier sunglasses.  Can the nanny do that?  Nope.  Blink Optical is not here to reset everyone’s moral compass but come on.  The affair with the nanny bit is pretty sad and is usually the precursor to being washed up (we hope).  Good luck Ms. Garner!  Keep your head up and keep shading your eyes with all types of designer eyewear.  When Ben gets fat and the nanny ends up working at Applebee’s, all eyes will be on you for keeping it classy.  Speaking of classy, check out Blink Optical’s selection of Cartier eyewear and Cartier sunwear.

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