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Look Who Has Ray-Ban | Ray-Ban Wayfarer At Blink Optical

Aug 5, 2015 | Uncategorized | 0 comments


Look who has Ray-Ban!  This guy………and Blink Optical.  The Ray-Ban Wayfarer has been worn by many a Hollywood star, from Tom Cruise to Leo DiCaprio.  The Ray-Ban Wayfarer is an iconic pair of sunglasses made in Italy and revered here in the States.  Blink Optical usually tries to showcase the ‘hard-to-get’ sunwear but if you can’t beat them…..join them!  The Ray-Ban Wayfarer is currently available in multiple colors, lens tints, sizes, and shape variations.  It is one of the most popular sun frames of the season and by far one of the most recognizable.  Blink Optical has the Ray-Ban Wayfarer in our Lake Forest boutique and on our online boutique.  We offer free domestic shipping.  Stop by and pay homage to the great Ray-Ban Wayfarer and pick out your own pair before Summer’s end.

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