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ic! Berlin Designer Wears ic! Berlin Power Law

Jul 23, 2015 | Uncategorized | 0 comments


ic! Berlin designer wears ic! Berlin Power Law.  It’s quite the tip of the cap when the owner/designer/star of ic! Berlin chooses a specific ic! Berlin frame for his latest selfie.  Ralph is no stranger to selfies.  In fact, it may have been Ralph who took the original selfie!  This eyewear rockstar loves to personalize his brand.  He wears all sorts of ic! Berlin while doing all sorts of cool stuff!  The ic! Berlin Power Law is not a new sunglass style.  Blink Optical has had it on our shelves for quite sometime.  It is popular due to its rugged, masculine look coupled with the combination of rough-cut zyl and stainless steel.  Blink Optical would LOVE to get Ralph to our Lake Forest boutique for a selfie.  This wild man would put our quaint little town on it’s ear.  Known for his flamboyance, Ralph would be a welcome presence among all the ic! Berlin enthusiasts care of Blink Optical.  Check out the ic! Berlin Power Law at Blink Optical along with many other new ic! Berlin releases.

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