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Sarah Palin Ditches The Rimless Eyeglasses….Finally

Jul 17, 2015 | Uncategorized | 0 comments


Sarah Palin ditched the rimless eyeglasses…..finally.  Great news!  The dated, old-trending rimless look may not be running for office and Sarah has made an amazingly fitting choice:  wood.  Want to steal this earthy, organic look?  Check out the Gold & Wood collection at Blink Optical.  Gold & Wood specializes in eyewear made of exotic wood.  They also design frames made of precious metals and stones.  The thicker wood gives Palin’s new eyeglasses the heavier, trendier look but the clean design of the wood makes it politically appropriate.  You never can be too sure where Sarah Palin is going to pop up next but you can always count on her to be donning a pair of stylish eyeglasses.  Stop by Blink Optical to view the latest from the Gold & Wood collection.  Also available at blinkoptic.com.

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