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Steve Mcqueen Started The Persol Trend

Jun 26, 2015 | Uncategorized | 0 comments


Steve Mcqueen started the Persol trend.  It’s not easy to pinpoint when a trend starts.  A trend usually starts way before it’s recognized as a trend and usually when something becomes a trend, the trendsetters have already moved on to set new trends.  Follow?  Well, one trend easy to follow is the miraculous trend of the Persol 714.  This sunglass has some major things going for it.  First, the Persol 714 is actually referred to as the “Steve Mcqueen sunglasses” (beyond cool).  Second, the Persol 714 became a trend in the 1960’s (that’s a long time ago).  Lastly, the Persol 714 still graces the faces of many famous celebrities.  Heck, the Persol 714 still gets cameos in major films.  It’s the feature frame in the upcoming Bond movie.  How does a sunglass survive decades and still ride the tide of a cool sunglass trend.  Easy……Steve Mcqueen.  For all the famous faces photographed in the Persol 714, none are as cool as Steve Mcqueen.  Fact.  Stop by Blink Optical to join the long-lasting, still cool trend of the Persol 714.

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