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Jerry Seinfeld Wears Lunor 215

Jun 12, 2015 | Uncategorized | 0 comments

Jerry Seinfeld wears Lunor 215.  It seems that Steve Jobs was not the only famous person with a propensity to wear Lunor.  Seinfeld wears the Lunor 215 and it’s a perfect fit!  The Lunor 215 is available in several colors including the color featured above, the dark havana in matte.  The Lunor 215 is a versatile frame and can be worn by a man or a woman.  The size and shape is a great match for stronger prescriptions and/or progressive lenses.  The Lunor 215 is handmade and assembled in Germany and is the companion frame to the larger Lunor 226.  Lunor is available only through authorized Lunor dealers.  Blink Optical happens to be an authorized Lunor dealer and always has classic and new release Lunor available.  Lunor is not for sale online so you must contact us for additional information.  If funny man, Jerry Seinfeld knows eyewear fashion is no laughing matter and proves this with an excellent choice in the Lunor 215.  Available at Blink Optical.

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