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Zebrafish, Potassium, and Blink Optical

May 29, 2015 | Uncategorized | 0 comments


What do Zebrafish, Potassium, and Blink Optical have in common?  Not much on the surface but the connection lies beneath and is a big kudos for our brand identity.  Recently, a wonderful customer of ours stopped by with an article about genetic coding in Zebrafish in regards to blue light responsiveness.  Don’t worry…….Blink Optical has not left fashion for science but it is worth noting that this particular customer saw the term BLINK in a scientific journal and immediately thought about his favorite optical boutique.  The reactions of light-sensitive Zebrafish are of little consequence to us but to get this reaction from a customer is wonderful!  Blink Optical strives everyday to be the spot to shop for luxury eyewear and sunwear in Lake Forest.  We welcome everyone to stop and see why Blink has developed such strong brand recognition.  Here’s a hint……..it has nothing to do with Zebrafish or Potassium.

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