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The Origin Of Sunglasses

May 27, 2015 | Uncategorized | 0 comments


The origin of sunglasses, we’ve come a long way baby!  The first sunglasses were worn by the Inuit and constructed of whale bone, ivory, or wood.  Slits were pierced into the material of choice and the width of the slit dictated the width of the field of view.  The sunglasses (also recognized as a mask or goggle) were worn close to the face to limit the amount of light and reflection and increase the visual acuity of the wearer.  Some examples of these sunglasses are very basic while others had more ornate decor.  Since the origin of sunglasses, styles, materials, and sizes have changed dramatically.  The truth is……..we need sunglasses to serve the purpose of protecting our eyes from the effects of the sun.  The Inuit knew it and so do we.  The technology has evolved regarding lenses and materials.  We now have polarized lenses and UV coatings to protect our eyes from harmful UV rays and surface glare.  We also have multiple tint colors to choose from in accordance with specific activities.  We now have anti-reflective lens coating to help with light reflection.  The Inuit used soot on the inside of their shades to combat reflection.  Many things have changed but something vital remains……..all styles are known to come back as fashion evolves.  Blink wonders how long it will take for the styles the Inuit wore to resurface via a current eyewear designer.

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