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Real Men Wear Pink – David Hasselhoff Rose Sunglass Tint

May 22, 2015 | Uncategorized

Real men wear pink as proven by the David Hasselhoff Rose tint.  Yes, David Hasselhoff is awesome.  He was on the hit show Baywatch, he has an uber-successful music career in Germany, and now he’s taken on the curious case of a man in a rose sunglass tint.  Somehow, this mega-star makes it work.  Here at Blink we LOVE tints, all colors all intensities.  We also LOVE a man who is not afraid of the rose sunglass tint.  Come on, if The Hoff is into it……it’s gotta be right.  A rose sunglass tint offers it’s wearers (and David Hasselhoff) high contrast vision by blocking blue light.  This tint color is also considered soothing and relaxing.  Ever heard the term “viewing the world through rose colored lenses”?  David Hasselhoff has and they keep him cool like a cucumber.  A tint applied to a lens should also filter harmfull UVA and UVB rays so make sure to ask your eyewear provider (obviously Blink Optical).  Stop by Blink Optical to further discuss the additional benefits of the rose sunglass tint……and how awesome David Hasselhoff is.

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