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Lady Gaga Conjures Janis Joplin In Mykita Sunglasses

May 21, 2015 | Uncategorized


Lady Gaga conjures Janis Joplin with Mykita sunglasses.  For a woman who changes her look, fashion, and motif like the rest of us change television channels, Lady Gaga never seems to miss the mark.  The Lady has truly epitomized Janis Joplin with the help of her trusty friend Mykita.  This is like the 3rd Mykita sunglass we’ve seen her in and I’m pretty sure the sunwear hat trick is evidence of a fetish.  Is having a fetish for Mykita sunglasses wrong?  You’re asking Blink Optical so…..NO!  Mykita is on the cutting edge of German-styled spectacles.  They combine clean design with innovative engineering to create a lightweight competitor to all the zyl we are surrounded with.  Lady Gaga is adorned with the Mykita sunglasses “Janis”.  The round shape and iridescent mirror captures the essence of Janis Joplin and Lady Gaga makes it tangible.  Check out all the new Spring/Summer Mykita styles arriving daily at Blink Optical!

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