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The Long Road For The ic! Berlin Alex

May 4, 2015 | Uncategorized | 0 comments


It’s been a long road for the ic! Berlin Alex.  The ic! Berlin Alex was first born as the ic! Berlin Kjell.  This frame gained notoriety as the super cool shades worn by Jason Statham in the movie The Mechanic.  The frame was a hit and was on perpetual reorder here at Blink Optical.  For some reason, ic! Berlin decided to change the name of the frame from Kjell to Dez in Taipei.  Now we don’t claim to know everything about eyewear promotion but this was a tactical nightmare.  People wanted the frame named Kjell not the renamed Dez in Taipei.  Oh well, we got over it.  The assumption is that the frame shape was great but the name Kjell had become more important than the style so…..they changed it.  The Dez in Taipei is born.  Now a couple of years and the demand for the Kjell (or Dez in Taipei) drops.  So now what?  Well, the shape is great so it’s time for a rename.  Welcome the ic! Berlin Alex!  It’s the same frame as the Kjell and the Dez in Taipei it’s just been rejuvenated with a name change.  ic! Berlin is up to it’s old tricks with this sly move.  The ic! Berlin Alex is available at Blink Optical.  So if you are looking for the ic! Berlin Kjell or the ic! Berlin Dez in Taipei, you’ve found it!

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