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The RayBan Wayfarer Available From Tom Cruise Or At Blink Optical

Apr 29, 2015 | Uncategorized | 0 comments


The RayBan Wayfarer available from Tom Cruise or at Blink Optical.  Just kidding.  We don’t know is Tom Cruise is handing out the RayBan Wayfarer at Scientology meetings or not.  We do know that the RayBan Wayfarer is available at Blink Optical.  Tom made the Wayfarer famous when it had a cameo appearance in his early film “Risky Business”.  The film propelled both actor and sunglass into instant fame.  Now the RayBan Wayfarer is synonymous with Tom Cruise.  We are not sure if this is good or bad as Tom has come under a bit of scrutiny lately as being a bit……….odd.  But he’s a star and box-office gold so we’re tagging him!  The RayBan Wayfarer is available at Blink Optical in a variety of colors and, of course, in classic black.  The shape is so classic “Wayfarer shape” is actually a way to refer to other types of sunglasses.  It comes in polarized or non-polarized and is available with several mirror options.  Blink Optical has plenty in stock for the upcoming Spring/Summer season.  Stop by Blink Optical in downtown Lake Forest to choose your very own pair.  No Scientology talk, we promise.

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