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What’s On Your Face……Amazing Tortoise Eyeglasses!

Apr 20, 2015 | Uncategorized

whats-on-your-face (1 of 1)

What’s on your face besides amazing tortoise eyeglasses?  When you see it you’ll know.  O.k., you saw it.  Anyone else think this guy looks oddly like Michael Keaton?  Oh yeah, and he has some sort of mammal on his face.  Besides all this, he is wearing a great pair of tortoise frames.  Tortoise frames now come in an array of colors considered tortoise.  Some tortoise frames have an amber/orange hue while others are yellow/cream with flecks of black or brown.  Many are a more honey color while others are dark brown mixed with a lighter brown.  Any color you choose tortoise is timeless.  Most frame styles available are available in some sort of tortoise.  Tortoise looks great on men and women and blondes or brunettes.  Many conservative, classic frame collections have built their popularity on tortoise eyeglasses.  Frame designers like Lunor, Robert Marc, and Face a Face offer many tortoise options in their wildly different collections.  If you don’t have a pair of tortoise eyeglasses in your personal collection yet, stop by Blink Optical as quickly as possible to remedy that!

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