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Steven Tyler Wears Lunor II (And Has Gone Country..)

Apr 8, 2015 | Uncategorized


Steven Tyler wears Lunor II, and has apparently gone country.  The later has become national news for those who care while the former is big news for Blink Optical.  It’s hard to find pictures of celebrities wearing Lunor frames.  Not because they don’t prefer this classic eyewear designer, they do!  It’s just hard to find the mention of Lunor as they are so exclusive many aren’t privy to this amazing line.  Steven Tyler is famous for his rock longevity and his ability to find new talent.  Now he is famous for his amazing taste in eyewear.  Steven Tyler wears Lunor II!  The Lunor II is part of the metal collection of Lunor.  It has a minimal design and comes with the coveted wooden Lunor case.  The Lunor II currently comes in ten shapes and several colors.  The Lunor II can be purchased at Blink Optical, one of the few Lunor retailers in the Midwest.  So Steven Tyler wears Lunor II and he is entering the world of country music.  Maybe we will see the unlikely combination of the Lunor II and a cowboy hat….

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