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We Will Never Be Royal | Kate Middleton Wears RayBan

Mar 30, 2015 | Uncategorized


We will never be royal, Kate Middleton wears RayBan.  We might never become royal but this girl hit the royal jackpot.  Did we mention that Kate Middleton wears RayBan?  She’s one of the most famous and most photographed women in the world and she chooses to wear RayBan.  She’s a princess and she wears RayBan!  This is just one of the reasons why Kate Middleton is our favorite royal.  The RayBan brand is an all-American, moderately priced sunglass option and literally can be worn by anyone.  It’s pretty amazing that with all the couture, luxury options afforded to a princess, she chooses to keep it casual with a RayBan Wayfarer.  Kate chose the RayBan Wayfarer in tortoise with brown gradient lenses.  The RayBan Wayfarer is available in unlimited colors.  Stop by Blink Optical to choose your perfect color combination.  Blink also has multiple RayBan aviator styles to choose from just in time for Spring!  Kudos to Princess Kate for keeping it real.

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