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Blink Optical Feature Frame | Face a Face Envol 1

Mar 27, 2015 | Uncategorized


Blink Optical feature frame is the Face a Face Envol 1.  The Face a Face Envol 1 is a new release and is currently available in multiple color combinations.  Blink Optical wants to point out one of the most striking colors, the Envol 1 in color 3024.  This color combo is hard to define as it hard to decide upon the dominant color, is it red or black?  Here at Blink, we don’t trouble ourselves with such difficult questions.  Instead we focus on the fabulous!  The Face a Face Envol 1 in color 3024 is a perfect combination of red, black, and crystal.  Red is a very hot color this season but can be a tough sell.  Partnering in with black and crystal makes the Envol 1 a bit more universally wearable.  The Face a Face Envol 1 has a soft cat-eye shape with plenty of room for a progressive.  The frame is handmade in France and is only available at authorized Face a Face dealers.  Visit Blink Optical in Lake Forest or online at blinkoptic.com.

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