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John Mayer Goes Geek-Chic At The Grammys

Mar 20, 2015 | Uncategorized


John Mayer goes geek-chic at the Grammys.  We know that he has quite the reputation as the creepy ladies man but he is also quite the eyewear fashionista.  Mr. Mayer was dubbed one of the best dressed at the 2015 Grammy Awards and Blink thinks the retro eyeglasses tipped the scales in his favor.  While many less daring men would have chosen a black frame to geek up their tux, when John Mayer goes Geek-chic he chooses honey tortoise.  It was a great choice and Blink couldn’t love it more!  Want to steal this look?  Check out the Cartier T8101088 or the Entourage of 7 Eric as possible honey tortoise frame choices.  Both frames are available at Blink Optical in downtown Lake Forest or on our website.  We know his reputation and we send our condolences to Jennifer Aniston, Katy Perry, Taylor Swift, and many more….but you kinda knew what was in store your you.  Looks Like John weathers the storms well and emerges well-dressed and well-bespectacled.  Follow Blink Optical on all things eyewear and sunwear fashion.

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