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Face a Face Shade 2 Is Easy On The Eyes

Mar 4, 2015 | Uncategorized


The Face a Face Shade 2 is easy on the eyes……..in more ways than one.  The Face a Face 2 has an easy-to-wear shape.  It is large with lots of room for varying prescriptions.  The frame shape is deep without being wide and the frame tends to lift up instead of casting a droopy appearance.  The Face a Face Shade 2 is large but feminine.  Shown above in color 1800, the color combination is unique without being too wild and can be worn everyday.  The deep shape is also perfect for progressive lenses as it gives plenty of room for the lens to transition into your ideal reading strength.  The Face a Face Shade 2 has become a favorite here at Blink Optical because it looks great on a wide variety of faces.  This newer release Face a Face frame is available in multiple colors ranging from conservative to wide and everything in between.  Stop by our Lake Forest location to view or purchase on our online boutique.

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