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Alain Mikli Frames | Cellulose Acetate Material

Feb 25, 2015 | Uncategorized | 0 comments


Many of Alain Mikli frames are made of cellulose acetate material.  The cellulose acetate material allows Alain Mikli to design durable and colorful frames.  Alain Mikli is known for it’s unusual use of color, combining colors that have not been together on a eyewear frame.  It starts as an idea and begins it’s journey to a completed frame.  Some Alain Mikli color collaborations are so exclusive that they are released in limited numbers and are available only at exclusive authorized dealers.  One such Alain Mikli dealer is Blink Optical.  There have been multiple limited edition frames on Blink’s shelves.  They come with two numbers on the temple indicating the number of frames manufactured and the identity of that frame.  For example, the number 56/150 means that the frame is the 56th frame of a design in which only 150 frames were made.  So cool!  Alain Mikli is exclusive enough but these uber-exclusive frames are only available at a handful of shops in the world.  The color of the cellulose acetate material also contributes the the uniquness for each frame.  Many frames identified as the same color will look different, ensuring that each Alain Mikli frame is truly unique.  Check out Blink Optical’s vast Alain Mikli collection.

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