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Jennifer Garner Wears Chrome Hearts Gold Digger Sunglasses

Feb 20, 2015 | Uncategorized


Jennifer Garner wears Chrome Hearts Gold Digger sunglasses.  Blink’s not saying she’s a gold digger but if the frame fits…..  And it does!  The Chrome Hearts Gold Digger sunglasses look amazing on her.  Chrome Hearts is well-known in the Hollywood circles as the hot sunglasses.  Chrome Hearts popularity has spread to the Midwest and keeps growing with every fabulous new release.  Chrome Hearts is known for it’s big, trendy shapes, it’s use of exotic wood and buffalo horn, and it’s sterling silver accents.  Let’s not forget the frame names!  Chrome Hearts LOVES to name their eyewear after things most people don’t like discussing in mixed company and, trust me, the name Chrome Hearts Gold Digger is extremely tame in comparison.  There is nothing more awkward than the verbal exchange between clients and opticians when discussing the identification of Chrome Hearts eyewear.  So rock on Jennifer and kudos to you for knowing a name is just a name but sunglass style means everything.

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