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Lunor Sunglasses….Finally

Feb 18, 2015 | Uncategorized | 0 comments


Lunor sunglasses….finally.  Just in time for the upcoming Spring season!  Lunor sunglasses have been the one missing link in Lunor’s otherwise well-rounded collection.  Lunor has become very hot in the last few years with the popularity of the Lunor Classic Round and their various acetate frames.  Lunor is notoriously hard to find but is much sought after.  The addition of a sunglass collection, the Lunor S1 collection, Blink anticipates even more demand for this well-crafted eyeglass candy.  We have decided to showcase the S1 1104 sunglass.  This Lunor sunglass S1 1104 is literally a cross between the wayfarer shape and the aviator style and is is available in all the fabulous polished and matte colors you’ve come to expect from Lunor.  If you’ve finally splurged and bought yourself a pair of Lunor ophthalmic eyeglasses don’t stop there.  It’s time to prepare for the eminent Spring/Summer season with you own pair of Lunor sunglasses.  Lunor eyeglasses and sunglasses are available at Blink Optical, an authorized Lunor dealer.

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