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Steal Ryan Gosling Eyeglasses Look | Entourage of 7 Hank

Feb 6, 2015 | Uncategorized | 0 comments


Steal Ryan Gosling eyeglasses look with the Entourage of 7 Hank.  The Entourage of 7 Hank is a classic retro-inspired eyeglass frame.  It has a thicker design with a key-hole bridge and a deep panto shape.  Ryan Gosling is known for his looks, talent, and the funny internet meme’s that seem to be everywhere.  Gosling is also well-known for his dapper style of dress which is exemplified in his taste of eyeglasses.  You might not have the fame or wardrobe of Mr. Gosling but there’s no reason why you can’t have his eyeglass mojo.  Entourage of 7 is a well-known eyewear designer located on the West Coast.  They specialize in retro eyewear and sunwear and manufacture using high-quality Japanese zyl. It is gaining popularity here in the Midwest and, of course, Blink Optical is at the forefront of this fashion trend.  Check out the Entourage of 7 Hank and many other E0f7 releases at Blink Optical’s upscale Lake Forest boutique of online at blinkoptic.com.  Ryan, you are welcome to stop by as well.

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