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Blink Optical Has Mykita Bent

Feb 2, 2015 | Uncategorized


Blink Optical has Mykita Bent.  One of the last ones…..  It is an enduring mystery why manufacturers choose to discontinue great selling eyeglasses.  Here at Blink, we have seen it time and again, great frames getting sent out to pasture way before their time.  The Mykita Bent in color 154 is definitely a niche frame with it’s distinctive double-bar aviator shape and bright orange color.  The Mykita Bent is part of the Mykita Lite collection, a sub-sect of Mykita which includes a thinner design than a traditional Mykita frame.  The entire Mykita collection is light-weight due to the fact that it is made up of stainless steel.  They went a step further with the Lite collection by shaving the frame thickness down to the bare necessities, giving it an extremely clean and minimal look.  The Mykita Bent is a niche frame and has a very specific appeal which is why it will be missed her at Blink Optical.  We currently have just one in stock and it won’t stick around long.  Blink Optical also carries new releases from the Mykita collection.  We love both the new and the old and we will miss the Mykita Bent when it’s gone so act fast.

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