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Alicia Keys Wears ic! Berlin BoomBox Sunglasses

Jan 30, 2015 | Uncategorized


Alicia Keys wears ic! Berlin BoomBox sunglasses.  ic! Berlin is no stranger to the fabulous faces of the famous.  It’s also not surprising that someone as fashionable as Alicia Keys would be seen in such a unique  and exciting frame as the ic! Berlin BoomBox sunglasses.  Where do we begin?  The ic! Berlin BoomBox looks like something out of a science fiction movie.  It is large, flashy, and industrial looking, basically it’s the usual vibe of ic! Berlin but on futuristic steroids.  It’s made of the standard-issue ic! Berlin stainless steel and comes with the patented ic! Berlin screw-less hinge.  All of this but ic! Berlin has given it much more.  The wide front and temples left ample room so the designers apparently decided to lighten it up by laser-cutting lines and holes to give it a more translucent look.  The ic! Berlin BoomBox is definitely one of the more unique sunglass designs we have seen in a while and it’s refreshing to see someone so talented Alicia Keys wearing them so well.  In a vast sea of retro-inspired sunwear, it’s nice that ic! Berlin is staying true to their modern, almost intergalactic roots.  Visit Blink Optical in-store or online to view our selection of ic! Berlin sunglasses.

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