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Marc Anthony Wears Chrome Hearts Boned Sunglasses

Jan 28, 2015 | Uncategorized


Marc Anthony wears Chrome Hearts Boned sunglasses.  Celebrities and Chrome Hearts go together well and often.  They love the flashy style and the heavy price tag.  Chrome Hearts Boned Sunglasses are classic Chrome Hearts.  They’ve taken the rectangular aviator shape and added their signature sterling silver adornment.  Chrome Hearts is anything but mundane which is one of the reasons that it is a virtual celebrity magnet.  That and also it’s exclusivity level.  Chrome Hearts is only available at high-end optical boutiques, usually in metro areas.  That doesn’t stop the masses from seeking it.  Chrome Hearts sunglasses and eyeglasses are crafted in many interesting materials from buffalo horn to exotic wood to leather.  Chrome Hearts pairs well with stardom and/or a motorcycle.  If you don’t have either, that’s ok……just bring plenty of cash.  Marc Anthony might not be Jennifer Lopez’s arm candy anymore but that doesn’t matter when Marc Anthony wears Chrome Hearts Boned sunglasses.


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