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Lady Gaga Goes Granny With Mykita Jane

Jan 14, 2015 | Uncategorized


Lady Gaga goes “granny” with Mykita Jane.  We have become some what desensitized to Lady Gaga’s costume antics but we must admit….she never does anything halfway.  She spares no expense to authenticate the look she is after and this includes her sunwear.  In the picture above, Lady Gaga dons the Mykita Jane as a perfect sunglass to accentuate the monochromatic “Granny” look.  We aren’t sure if that is the actual title but it is most fitting.  The perfectly round shape of the Mykita Jane compliments the angular look of the evening gown.  The color is perfect as the lenses have been tinted to enhance the color contrast.  In fact the tint on the Mykita Jane is really the only real contrast in the whole outfit, unless you factor in the contrast of the the “granny” look with showing cleavage.  Lady Gaga is always attempting to out do her self with each new style masterpiece and it’s refreshing to see that she does not ignore the optical details in her attempts.  The Mykita sunglass and eyeglass collections are available at Blink Optical is Lake Forest Illinois.

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