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New Shape In Sunglasses | Face a Face Pomme 2

Jan 12, 2015 | Uncategorized


New shape in sunglasses in the Face a Face Pomme 2.  Isn’t it amazing how eyewear designers continually come up with new shapes for sunwear.  Trends come and go but certain designers have a knack for paving the way for unique shapes and colors.  An example of one such designer is Face a Face.  The new release sunglass, the Face a Face Pomme 2 is a totally new shape.  The Face a Face Pomme 2 has a bold, round shape with a distinct cut-out right above the temple.  Face a Face chose to accentuate the unique frame characteristic with an unexpected color combination.  The Face a Face Pomme 2 wears beautifully as a big sunglass but has an overall feminine look.  Face a Face toes the line between funky and easy-to-wear like no one else.  The new Winter/Spring 2015 releases are available at Blink Optical.  Blink has a large selection of both ophthalmic Face a Face eyewear and Face a Face sunglasses, including the Face a Face Pomme 2 available in an array of unique, new colors.

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