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Interesting Frames From An Interesting Man | ic! Berlin Ralph Anderl

Jan 5, 2015 | Uncategorized

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Interesting frames from an interesting man….ic! Berlin Ralph Anderl.  Sitting in our Lake Forest boutique last week, a customer pointed to picture of a very stately man wearing a pair of ic! Berlin eyeglasses and asked who it was.  I stated that it was Ralph, the designer/CEO of ic! Berlin.  I then followed up by telling her that the interesting part of the photo was that Ralph was usually more flamboyant and wild in his portraits and this photo represents a bit of irony to those who are more familiar to this eyewear guru.  To many in optical retail, we are used to the interesting marketing antics of ic! Berlin Ralph and see him as a creative genius who drips in extravagance and energy.  The picture sheds a whole new view on one of the most creative men in eyewear design.  I see many people look at the picture in our boutique and see that they are impressed by a portrait of a man of obvious stature.  I smile when I realize that ic! Berlin Ralph has done it again and re-invented his image to attract attention and spark curiosity.  This is why the ic! Berlin line has the brand durability it needs to sustain itself so fluidly in a world flooded in the eyewear creativity.

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