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Blac Eyewear +42 Proves Black Goes With Anything

Dec 17, 2014 | Uncategorized



Blac Eyewear +42 proves black goes with anything.  The Blac Eyewear +42 frame has a lot going for it.  First, handmade in Denmark assuring quality materials and craftsmanship.  Second, the Blac Eyewear +42 is comprised of unique materials such as carbon fiber and a patented polymide used only by Blac.  These two materials combine to make an extremely lightweight and durable frame.  Lastly, the color collaboration.  The Blac Eyewear +42 is a combination of two unlikely color hues: black and orange.  Blac does this in such a way that one does not think of Halloween but instead of how well the two colors combine to create a truly unique color palette.  Blink Optical is lucky enough to carry this highly demanded and much sought after line.  Blink Optical is one of the few optical boutiques offering Blac Eyewear and probably has the largest selection, as well.  Check out our collection in our Lake Forest location or on our website.  The Blac Eyewear +42 really does prove that black can go with anything!

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