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Cartier Goes Big And Tortoise With The Cartier T8101088

Dec 3, 2014 | Uncategorized | 0 comments


Cartier goes big and tortoise with the Cartier T8101088.  Cartier has released several new Winter season releases only available at authorized Cartier dealers like Blink Optical.  The Cartier T8101088 is part of this newly released collection.  The Cartier T8101088 is a large, masculine shaped frame with a classic style in amber tortoise.  The T8101088 has a “Clark Kent” motif with it’s sleek look and large, retro lens shape.  It’s recognizable as a Cartier with the signature three-point hinge screw.  The temples are sleek and the shape is wearable.  Many associate Cartier with the flashy Cartier Panther collection or the highly sought buffalo horn selection.  Desirable yes, however, a majority of the Cartier collection are very wearable zyl releases much like the Cartier T8101088.  This frame, as well as many other Cartier collection, is available at authorized Cartier dealer Blink Optical.  Stop by our Lake Forest boutique for more information on Cartier and many other luxury eyewear brands.

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